Remember to Feel Good

Our 35 top tips on how to feel good in flashcard format so that you can remember how to feel good forever using the science of spaced repetition. #Mental health #well-bering #emotions #self-insight

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… with our new deck priority feature! Spaced repetition systems make memory a choice. A rule of thumb is that it’ll take ~5 minutes of your time to remember any singular idea. Since

Under-Appreciated Ways to Use Flashcards - Part I

By Tereza Ruzickova Those who know me well sometimes call me a “flashcard freak,” - and they are not wrong. I first discovered flashcards at the end of high school, as I was

How to make Effective Flashcards

Flashcards help you to remember ideas much more efficiently. But making perfect flashcards can be surprisingly challenging. We created Thought Saver to make capturing ideas and quizzing yourself a lot easier (to help

14 Techniques to Accelerate Your Learning

TLDR: There are a number of techniques that may accelerate the speed at which you learn (14 of which we explain in this article). Additionally, embedded within this article are flashcards to provide